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Hi, I'm Cassie. It's good to meet you.

I’ve been helping businesses and organizations with their communication needs for over 15 years. Personally, I feel it’s the best job ever! Professionally, my goal is to help my clients stay on top of their game with informative and persuasive content.

When you hire me, you’ll receive quality work for every project.

I’ll take the time to get to know your company and your product/service, capture your message and your voice, and weave this knowledge into writing compelling content designed to make your business stand out.

The result: engaged customers who are ready to take the next step. They’ll call, click, visit your store, peruse your site, buy/order, and ultimately put more cash in your wallet.  

Oh—you needed it yesterday?

I can’t turn back time, but I am deadline-driven—so you don’t have to worry about promises to deliver and failure to follow through. We’ll set a due date for your project and I’ll stick to it. No excuses. Ever.


And by the way, I’m easy to work with and have established excellent relationships with my clients. Many have turned into repeat customers, and several have taken the time to say nice things about my work—check that out if you’d like.


Ready to talk about how I can help get the word out for you? Let’s go!

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