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Everyone has a story to tell. And when the story showcases your success, why keep the tale to yourself?

Case studies are a fantastic way to tell potential clients and customers how your product or service has benefited your own clients—which in turn directly benefits YOU.


But how does that work, exactly? Here’s a brief primer on what case studies are and how they can help you impress potential clients.


What is a case study?

This marketing staple tells a success story about your business. It paints a realistic picture of how your product or service has been used and how it helped a specific client.


How can a case study help grow my business?

Case studies are a key marketing tool. In a nutshell, they:

Build credibility.

Someone else tells exactly how you helped them solve a problem. A solid case study explains the issue, describes how your solution was implemented, and shares specific results.

This makes you look good because you aren’t bragging about your own business—someone else is.


Show success.

This is a prime opportunity to tell, in detail, the type of challenge your client faced and how you helped provide a solution.

Stories are told from the client’s perspective—unlike traditional advertising, they’re the ones sharing information about how your have made their life/work easier/better.


And it’s always better to hear good things from someone else, right? (Think referrals and Amazon reviews!)

Attract quality leads.
Now that prospective clients have a concrete idea about what you can do for them, you can eliminate some of the mundane, preliminary qualifying talk. They know what you have to offer, and this helps streamline some of the initial “getting to know you” questions.


Time saved = money saved!

How should I share my case study?

There are a number of ways to make case studies available to the public or for potential clients, and you can use them all!

  • Website (dedicated web page or free PDF download)

  • Blog posts

  • Sales presentations/collateral

  • Social media

Want to learn more? Contact me and we’ll talk about how to tell your success story.


Check out two case studies right now:

Business Case Study: Smiley Graphix/Alluvian


Non-Profit Case Study: Family Community Resource Center


Read more about case studies:
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