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Case Studies: What's Your Story?

Everyone has a story to tell. And when the story showcases your success, why keep the best tales to yourself?

Case studies are a fantastic way to tell potential clients and customers about your product or service. They are truly a marketing gem!

Unlike an advertisement, case studies highlight a process rather than a product. They’re told from the point of view of someone you’ve helped who is willing to sing your praises—kind of like a testimonial, but much more detailed and powerful.

Ok—that sounds good. But what’s a case study, exactly?

This marketing staple tells a success story about your business. It paints a realistic picture of how your product or service has been used, and how it benefited a specific client.

The basic formula for a case study is simple:


Got it. So how will a case study help my business?

Case studies are a key marketing tool. In a nutshell, they:

Build credibility

Someone else tells exactly how you helped them solve a problem. A solid case study will explain what the issue was, describe how your solution was implemented, and share the results. This makes you look good because you aren’t bragging about your own business—someone else is.

Show success

This is a prime opportunity to tell, in detail, the type of challenge your client faced and how you helped provide a solution. Stories are told from the client’s perspective—unlike traditional advertising, THEY are the ones sharing information about how your have made their life/work easier/better.

Attract quality leads The truth is out--the reader knows just how you helped solve a specific problem, so there’s no question about what you do. This helps weed out prospective clients who may not be a good fit for your services, and ensures that your time is spent as efficiently as possible. Plus, you can repurpose case studies in a variety of formats to reach different audiences…gaining attention via social media, your website, and in person.

How should I share my case study?

There are a number of ways to make case studies available to the public or potential clients, and you can use them all!

  • Website (web page or PDF)

  • Blog posts

  • Sales presentations/collateral

  • Social media

Are case studies only for businesses?

No way! Organizations can benefit from case studies, too. (See an example from a non-profit organization.) It’s a good way to increase awareness about your group, gain potential donors, and call for volunteerism.

So, are you ready to consider creating a case study for your business? If you're not quite sold on the idea yet, why not?

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