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How Are You Helping?

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live our daily lives immensely. Many people are cautious and frightened, while others resist the severity of the issue.

We’re holing up in our homes—some of us are trying to work with kids hollering in the background while e-learning goals ensue—and practicing social distancing every time we step away from home. And handwashing. Lots and lots of handwashing!

Business has changed, too. Some companies are sitting tight, counting the days until they are able to open their doors again. Others have closed and aren’t sure if they'll be able to reopen at all.

Many folks are tapping into their creative energies and finding new ways to serve. Here are just a few examples I’ve seen in my own community:

- Food services offering delivery and curbside pickup

- Gyms providing online workouts with their fitness instructors

- Healthcare facilities offering telemedicine services

- Artists placing their work around the community for people to enjoy

- Musicians making music and posting on social media to keep performances happening

- Teachers – video-chatting with classes/students, creating lessons via video, compiling online and print resources and providing them to parents

- Individuals sewing masks and donating them to those who need them most

- Libraries (and other places, including individuals with necessary equipment) with 3-D printers making face shields and adjustment pieces for masks

Have you found a creative way to help folks during these unprecedented times? If so, it's time to brag a little—because many of us, I know, would love to hear some positive stories for a change! Respond in the comments or send me an email, and if you don’t mind, I will share on my social media pages as well. I may even ask for more information so I can help you tell your story!

If you’re offering a way to move forward during these uncertain days, you deserve some recognition. Your story just may inspire others to do good, too.

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